Mar 2012 15

Hunting Season is really popular in the state of Texas. It may not be time for hunting season any time soon, but here’s a heads up about you should be doing to get ready for next hunting season due to some rule changes in regards to hunting in the state of Texas.

As you may know by now, the Texas Parks and Wildlife commission is proposing to implement the use of suppressors or also known as, silencers on guns used for all hunting purposes. Although this is the case, licensed gun owners are now using suppressors while doing their shooting activities and implementing the use of suppressors to all hunting activities will be treated the same as most shooting activities . Rest assured, hunters will also gain benefits from this new rule.

For those who do not know much about suppressors or rather misinformed about suppressors,  here is the explanation that you will need for you to realise that this rule is actually good for you. First off,  suppressors and silencers are different from one another even though it was depicted in some Hollywood film that they are one in the same.  Hollywood films are not the best sources for factual information. Second, suppressors are not made as a muzzle to your firearm. They are just used to reduce the sound made from your firearm to prevent your ear drums from getting damaged and reduce the noise pollution made by guns every hunting season.

The court proceedings regarding this rule will commence on the 28th of March in the state’s capital city, Austin, Texas.