The Gun Store is in Cedar Park, just north of Austin. The Gun Store is a Class 3 gun store. We have been dealing with machine guns for more than three decades. Not only are we specialists in Class Three weapons, we deal with military weapons of all types. The Gun Store is your one stop shop for collector-grade military weapons in Texas.

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In 1986, the importation and manufacture within the United States of machine guns for civilian consumption was banned by the United States government. Ever since then, the stock of Class 3 weapons has experienced a severe decrease. Collectors who have no intention of reselling these weapons are now buying them for collection at a very high rate. This has had two consequences. Number one, it is becoming harder and harder to acquire these weapons. Number two, the prices of these weapons are skyrocketing. Similar trends in this arena were also spurred by federal bans in semi-automatic clones of military weapons 1989 and 1994. For this reason, collectors find that they have to pay a large amount of money for a collector-grade Class 3 semi-automatic weapon. Silencers & Suppressors are also classified as Class 3 weapons.

Over the years, we have come to the realization that high-end collector’s needs are hardly ever fulfilled and we felt that it was time we stepped in and made a change. Many a times, such people are first-time owners whose efforts to find a specific weapon have hit a brick wall due to their inability to find that weapon or proper information on what constitutes a legal Class 3 transfer. With us, what you see is what you get. The pictures of the weapons that you see on this page are the actual ones we are selling and not representative ones. In most cases, these will include right, left and detailed views. Please give us a call if you see something that is of interest to you. We boast the unique ability of finding something that you are interested in but may not be in our store.

It is actually very simple to own Class 3 weapons. There are certain simple rules and regulations that you have to abide by. Before you ask these questions, let me address some of them. The only type of machine gun that you can own is one that was manufactured and registered with the BATF prior to May 19, 1986. Any weapon that was manufactured beyond that date is strictly for military and law enforcement purposes. You now understand why these weapons border on the ‘expensive’ side as compared to weapons whose production is still ongoing. The reason is simply because the diminishing supply of these weapons is not being replenished. If you are buying a Class 3 weapon (otherwise known as a ‘National Firearms Act Weapon), you will be required to pay a one-time $200 Federal Excise Tax fee. This fee has not changed since 1934. These rules were set in the 1930s due to the danger posed by the availability of such weapons to the likes of the infamous John Dillinger and Bonnie & Clyde.

Before you can own an NFA weapon, you first of all have to choose one. This is because there are certain forms that are necessary for the transfer of weapons to the buyer from the seller. These forms include ‘Form 3’ and ‘Form 4’. The first form accommodates dealer to dealer transfers (whether within a state or interstate). The second form accommodates transfers from a dealer to an individual within a state only. If you are an unlicensed individual, you cannot transfer class 3 weapons directly into your state of residence. For this, you will need an active Class 3 license. If you have an active standard FFL, you can then transfer the weapon directly. You will, however, need to supply the following – photographs, signature, the $200 FET and fingerprint cards. Even though we will help you to choose a dealer of Class 3 weapons with a good reputation if you so wish, the final decision rests in your hands.

Your Class 3 dealer will fill the ‘Form 4’ in duplicate. It will show the following information – your name and address, the name and address of the current owner of the weapon, the weapon’s description and its serial number. The forms as well as the set of fingerprint cards will be given to you. There is a place at the back of the form for your picture and the signature of your local law enforcement officer’s signature. This signature is not necessary if you are transferring the NFA weapon to your corporation. See ‘Corporate Transfers’ or contact us for more details regarding this.

There are several sources that can provide the required signature. This list includes people like the Sheriff, the Chief of Police, the District Attorney, a Federal Judge or even the State Chief of Police among several other people. The person who is going to sign this ‘Form 4’ will do a background check on you. This will be so as to ensure that you are a person of good conduct and moral standing within the community. Should you have a questionable background or a history of violence, you will be denied the signature. This part of the process is usually the hardest. You may be a person of good standing within the community but still be denied a signature. The reason behind this is that, sadly, most of the local appointed politicians today are former local law enforcement officials. For this reason, most of them simply do not sign these documents or they simply choose to ignore them. The ‘no’ response is mostly to slow down the individuals who think that they just want a Class 3 weapon. The best way to get the signature is to ask to directly speak to the person in charge (rather than their secretary or a clerk).

After you have got the forms, return all the necessary documents to your dealer. This information plus the FET fee will then be forwarded to the BATF and the process of ownership transfer of the weapon to you or your corporation will begin. If you think that you give up all your rights at this point, the answer is no. This is the question that many people ask me. The law still requires search warrants, even for people who own a class 3 weapon.

If you are serious and honest about owning these weapons for collection purposes, feel free to contact us. We will help you in every step of the way as you set to obtain a rare weapon legally. You pay us to do this and we want to make sure you get full value of your money. All our transactions abide by Federal Law, i.e. they are confidential.

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